Questions and answers

Is there salt and pepper in the cabin by arrival?
No, there is no food in the cabin by your arrival because of hygienic conditions.

Why do I have to pay for electricity in addition to the normal rental price during the winter season?
We never know how cold the winter will be, and it is difficult to find the right price for electricity throughout the season. We have therefore dicided that you only have to pay for your own use of electricity during your stay.

The doors in cabin do not seem to glide as they should. Why?
In the mountains we have very different seasons. Tree is affected by humidity. At Nordseter in the summer the temperature can reach 25 degrees, and in winter - 29 degrees. When the tree is exposed for changes in humidity it will expand and contract. Llubrication will not solve the problem, and we can unfortunately not do anything about it. This is the circumstances in a wodden house.

What is the temperature in the cabin upon arrival?
We turn on the electricity 1 day before your arrival, and the temperature will be at least 15 degrees. We clean the cabin after each guest and that includes airing the entire unit. After airing the cabin can feel cold but if you use the fireplace you will get the temperature up fast.

Are there blankets in the cabin?
Our cabins are not equipped with blankets. This is due to hygienic conditions. If you wish to use blankets during your stay, pleace bring these yourselves.

Is the area around the cabin free of snow by my arrival?
We shovel snow from the parkinglot and into the entrance of the cabin/appartement. We have unfortunately not always the capacity to shovel the entire terrace. Be avare that there is a possibility for  the entrance may be blocked by snow drifting up during a sudden snowfall, and under these circumstances we cannot guarantee that the entrance of the cabin is all free for snow.

Can we bring our dog?
Your dog is welcome at Nordseter, but not in the funitures.
You will pay an extra fee on 250 Nok for each pet you might bring.

Can I drive my car to the door of the accommodation?
In the summer season you can drive your car up the each cabin to unloade.
In the winter season our parking lots are no more that 100 m from every accommodation.
( except Fjellhytten )

Can I wash my close during my stay?
We do work on a solution to offer you this service but at the moment it is not possible to offer laundry service at Nordseter.

Can I order a Christmas tree?
Yes, you can order a tree before the 17th of december.
The price is 500 NOK

Can I rent non-smoking accommodation?
All of our cabins, apartments and hotelrooms are non-smoking accommodation!

Can I pay with creditcards during my stay at Nordseter?
Yes, we accept the most common credircards.

Can I pay in foreign currency during my stay at Nordseter?
We accept only NOK and creditcards.

Is there a supermarket at Nordseter?
No, but we do have a minimarket where you can bye the most nessecary goods in our servicecenter.
The nearest supermarket is at Sjusjoen - 6 km from Nordseter

Do I need winter tires on my car?
Yes, in Norway is it illegal to drive without winter tires in the winter season.

Do I need snowchains on the car?
No, that is not necessary.

How late can I arrive to my accommodation?
At 15.00 pm. If you want to check in earlier please contact the reception.


Follow the directions to get here:
You will probably arrive to Lillehammer from the E6 (either from the north or from the south.) Take of the E6 in direction Lillehammer center.

Drive through the first roundabout straight through following the road. Drive through a tunnel and by the second traffic light you turn left and follow the signs to Nordseter. You will be driving up though the city center and then you will pass the Olympic stadium. Follow the road (Nordseterveien) 13 km up into the mountain. Arriving Nordseter follow the road to the top! The Service Center is in a black building on your right hand side. Here you will find the reception.

If you arrive outside our opening hours, you will find the key with info in an envelope by the door to the reception with your name on it! Please stop by the reception the next day to check inn, or send us a text message at 0047 99 43 7000.



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Nordseter Fjellpark

Nordseterveien 1351

2618 Lillehammer


Tel. +47 99 43 7000

GPS: 061*10,96N og 010*37,13E

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